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VigRX is a natural food supplement that was created over 15 years ago and has been the number one selling product of its kind ever since. This item brings together a specially selected blend of natural ingredients including Asian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. Many supplements have come and gone throughout the years, however for VigRX to be leader in male enhancement year after year shows it has stood the test of time.
The number one choice for men worldwide
Proprietary blend of the world’s rarest ingredients
Each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for 30 days
Natural formulation of ingredients like Asian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba
Repeated customers all over the world
Authentic and genuine with batch verification
Recent studies have shown that the average length is around 9-10 cm and when erect a further 3-4 cm is added. There are many methods out there that are designed to help improve the appearance of size, however this is still a challenge for men over a certain age. In most research, it is suggested that this could be due to testosterone levels getting lower as we age

The importance of male size
Does size really matter for men? Well, most men believe that their passion and performance in bed is related to their size. In fact, one in every five men are usually bothered about their size as it questions their confidence and satisfaction during intimacy. They look for varied options of size enhancement starting from surgery, exercise or a range of pump like devices that have been introduced in the market in the last decade.

Another increasingly popular method of enhancement are natural supplements. These supplements do not really enlarge, but contributes towards size enhancements. People who have used and know about supplements usually share positive feedback. The great thing about male enhancement supplements are they do not require constant visits to the doctor and can be taken discreetly without letting the world know.

Deciding on a particular male enhancement supplement is tough as there are plenty available in the market from various manufacturers and brands. It is best to stick to a well reputed male enhancement supplement brand that has made a global market and has received repeated orders from same customers

VigRX Capsules
VigRX should not be mistaken as a medicine or a cure for size-related issues amongst men. It is a dietary supplement in capsule form composed of a blend of the finest natural ingredients. The herbs and micronutrients used in every pack have been carefully selected due to their known effectiveness in personal problems of men. Whilst it cannot be said that VigRX can help towards increasing size for every man, the noteworthy point is it has repeated customers. Those who have used this supplement have continued to buy it as happy customers over the years.

VigRX Capsule Use
Simply take two capsules a day with water. It is recommended to take one in the morning with breakfast and one with dinner. Each bottle of VigRX contains 60 capsules and lasts for a month. Manufacturers recommend using it consistently for about 3 months to be able to notice any differences.

image of Zinc
Zinc is known to help men maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood. This mineral is also known to help contribute towards male fertility and reproduction and normal macronutrient metabolism. Zinc helps in protection of cells from oxidative stress.
image of Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba
One of the oldest living tree species Ginkgo Biloba can live up to 1000 years. Scientists found almost 40 components in Ginkgo Biloba that helps in blood circulation. It helps in making the blood consistency thick and for opening blood vessels.
image of Maca
Existing since ancient times and originating from the Andes mountains, Maca contributes towards desire in men. Due to problems in personal or professional life men often fail to perform and this is where Maca is known to help make a difference. For more information on this study, click here.
image of Panax Ginseng
Panax Ginseng
Panax Ginseng is also known as Asian or Korean Ginseng. Panax Ginseng has been used for centuries for its numerous benefits like helping to boost energy levels in men. Several reports suggest that Korean Ginseng also helps in blood circulation in the human body. Find out more.
image of L-Arginine
L-Arginine is a useful amino acid that is commonly found in male enhancement supplements. It can help the other ingredients of male supplement products function with an extra kick
image of Fenugreek Extract
Fenugreek Extract
For men, Fenugreek Extract is said to be useful for their drive and desire in the bedroom. Though available all over the world now, this originates from to Southern Europe and Western Asia


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