V8 Pills for sex Delay


V8 pills is best pills for increase sexual enhancement and give best sexual performance herbal products

1box 3bottle 1bottle 10 pills total 30 pills

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Top rated V8 penis increases man strong powerful male enhancement enlargement pill wholesaler,all natural herbal enhancer for men,provokes men libido,also increase the male body hormone secretion.

Power PAUA V8 penis enlargement pills overviews:

V8 enlargement pills adopts the latest technology in extracting essences from various plants to make up male’s supplements which can enhance blood flow of penis, generate production of hormone, enlarge the size of cavernous body of penis. When erecting, there will be more blood in the cavernous body, more than 30% of blood than usual. In this way, the male genital will be stronger, longer and larger.

Moreover, V8 sex pills can prevent prospermia, enabling the male to be more self-confident and more exited during sexual intercourse.

V8 male enhancement pills main ingredients:

American indian wild bull whip,Alaska hippocampus penis,coupled with a variety of rare famous plants and animals etc.

Pure herbal formulation, the product has no side effects on human body. It contains no chemical endocrine and long-term application of the product has no adverse reactions such as thirsty, anxious, headache and high blood pressure, etc

V8 sex tablets benefits:

V8 sex tablets can effectively increase your blood circulation to male organ, enhance the size of penis, make penis longer, harder and thicker, prolong your time of erection, make you last linger in bed.

V8 male enhancement pills improve male sexual ability, and also totally rescue males from the issues associated with ejaculation problems, male impotence and penis shortness and smallness.

V8 using range:

Prostatitis, small and short penis, impotence and prospermia, Not strong hard erection, Stamina insufficient, Memory declination, ect.

V8 best sex pills for men Dosage: As a dietary supplement,One pill orally with warm water 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Do not overdose; not applicable for teenager under 18 years old

Specification: 10 pills/ bottle; 3 small bottles/box.

Storage conditions:  in a dry, dark and cool place.

Shelf life: 3 years.


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