Blue Wizard Drops in UAE


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1 x BLUE WIZARD SEX DROPS 15ml Aphrodisiac Increase Women Libido Enhancement

Condition :  100% Brand new, seal, never used , never  opened

Packaging include   :  15ml / per bottle


Products Description 

Having Female Sexual Arousal Problem and  Dry Vagina? You have landed at the right place! Enhance your libido instantaneously with our Sex Drops. Your girlfriend or your wife turned on! The desire of love that’s results from an erotic stimulation leads to both emotional and physical reactions.

When it comes to sexual desire, it occurs following an exchange of kisses, caresses all over the body and particularly directed to the genitals, or games. Sexual arousal often results from the attraction proven for your partner; a sensual smell or look may drive you crazy and lusty enough to crave for sexual. This awesome aphrodisiac are designed to increase your sexual desire and take it to the max.


Main Ingredients

Spain imported raw materials(OPS), night lily, rose and other extract


Usage & Dosage

Room 5-10 minutes in advance to take half bottle of this product into the beverage, wine, tea in the can.

Instill a stimulant blue wizard into water

Do not use milk and coconut water

Very effective with carbonate drink ( Sprite, Coke and etc )

Blue wizard can be drink on its own without mixture


In 15 -20 minutes after drink , the result will shown

Do not re-use in 24 hours after consumed

This products is for legally married couples only

Pregnant women ,cardiovascular deceased is not advised to consume


Features that can be seen after the woman to drink water mixed with blue wizard:

  1. Create an ape did not focus.
  2. Sit become unsettled.
  3. Sex passionate increased.


  1. The FDA prohibited lured for young girls.
  2. Do not re-use in 24 hours after consumed.
  3. This product is for legally married couples use only.
  4. Pregnant women, cardiovascular disease is not advised to consume.


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